Clarksburg Church Perseveres in the midst of Hard Times

The Duff Street United Methodist Church outside of Clarksburg, WV  is staying strong despite its share of difficulties over the years. The church building sustained flood damage from heavy rains on Aug. 6.

The congregation had been holding services in its gym for the past two years because the church itself was condemned. Services were moved and continue to be held at Village Square Convention Center.

“We really miss our facility the way that it was, but we understand that the church is not a building, it’s a people. So, it’s kind of been a good lesson for us to learn what God really expects of us,” said Pastor Brian Seders. “We want to be the kind of people that looks beyond our walls, anyway. So, it’s kind of like God is underscoring that for us.”

The church website says: Our church mission is to make Jesus real and relevant. We share His grace and love where we live, work or play, with each other, with our neighborhood and beyond and lists the Average Worship Attendance as 198 congregants.

Church volunteers serve a meal each month at the local mission, provide children with school supplies and adopt children at Christmas. They also have a prayer quilt ministry which offers hope and comfort to members and friends near and far.

Duff Street UMC is one of 22 United Methodist Churches in the Clarksburg community, along with churches of other faiths, that contributes to “Open Heart Ministries.” The churches combined resources assist low-income families and individuals with utilities, rent and basic needs, working to help families get out of poverty and to become self-sufficient.


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