The Church in Action and In the News

Ellsworth church follows Christ’s lead by going to people

“Sermons in Shorts” is an outdoor program hosted by English Lutheran Church of Ellsworth in its second year.

First, a group from an Ellsworth church took the Good News to an area bar.

Next, they brought the message to area parks, most recently one in east end. Soon, their mission will have them going to a local lake.

“This Ain’t Your Mama’s Church”

Our primary purpose at “This Ain’t Your Mama’s Church” is to share the message of God’s love and His amazing grace with the motorcycle community of the Central Valley, and to disciple and mentor those who receive that love.

At Bikers Church you belong just by showing up, together we will work out what we believe

A Minute to Win Them

Before too long, thousands of small, silvery crosses – bearing the words “God Loves You” in English or Spanish – will begin popping up in stores, restaurants and other public places around Southeastern North Carolina.

These pocket crosses, less than 2 inches long, began as a project at Oleander United Methodist Church – and they’re free to anyone who wants one.

Soon, United Methodist churches throughout a five-county area will be getting involved and spreading the crosses, too.

The pocket crosses are just one sign of a revitalization at once-sleepy Oleander United Methodist.

Oleander United Methodist ordered 11,000 crosses from Agora Inc., a small, family-owned business in Atlanta. (The company gave church members a very nice discount, (Rev. Linda) Taylor added.)

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What is your church doing that is news worthy?


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