Historic VRFUMC building sold

Villa Rica First United Methodist Church, a staple of downtown Villa Rica for more than 100 years, is moving. The church congregation voted to purchase property on Highway 61 North about five years ago for a new location, but before the structure could be built they were approached about selling the current facility at 206 North Avenue by World Changers Ministries headed by Creflo Dollar and accepted the offer. The last service in the current location will be held on Sunday, Sept. 4. 

“It’s tough,” Rev. Derek Porter said. “The faith of our congregation has been amazing. It’s been very, very inspirational for me to watch folks who have baptized babies in there, gotten married in that sanctuary and had funerals there for family members vote to move and the vote wasn’t even close. It was more than three to one to accept this offer. To use political language, there was a mandate to do this and it’s very exciting to see those folks recognize that they are the church and the church is the body of Christ, not just the building.”

Villa Rica First United Methodist Church is nearly 150 years old and the downtown building is more than a century old. World Changers Ministries is…

via Historic VRFUMC building sold.

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