Bath Methodist church ‘rolls’ along with toilet paper challenge

Some times you just have to know that God is simply laughing! Laughing for pure joy and pleasure at the creativeness of His creation. Kudos for an OUT-standing in-HOUSE job ~ Centenary UMC!

Bath Methodist church ‘rolls’ along with toilet paper challenge.

Bath, NY —

During the month of July, the Centenary United Methodist Church collected toilet paper for the Turning Point Food Pantry. They had an unusual collection site!!! Two men from their church, Dan Bunce and Jim Shear, built an authentic looking, one-hole outhouse. Their goal was to fill the outhouse with toilet paper! Well, they definitely filled it, in fact it was overflowing! They collected 665 rolls of toilet paper in one month!

They offered to loan the outhouse to other churches so they could collect toilet paper as well. The outhouse has moved down Liberty St., to Pulteney Square to the First Presbyterian Church. During the month of September the outhouse will be there and the deacons are challenging their congregation to bring in more toilet paper than the Methodist Church. The deacons know it will be a tough job but feel their church family is ready to wipe up the competition. They have filled wheelbarrows with cans of soup, a dog kennel with supplies for the FSPCA, and a kiddie swimming pool with school supplies. Their goal now, is to fill an outhouse with at least 670 rolls of toilet paper!!!

During the month of October the outhouse will moved back down the street to St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The friendly toilet paper collection challenge will continue!  Other churches are invited to borrow the outhouse.  Please call Bob or Mary Dunham at 7——1 for more information.


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