A Two-Wheelin’ Kind of Day

Thought I would share with you my past week experience. This is my hubby’s description of things, I’ll share my thoughts after surgery tomorrow. In the meantime, as the saying goes … Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down! 😀

Every now and then a lapse in judgment catches up to each of us. I guess my turn was last Wednesday.

Work during the day was a bit challenging so by the time I left at 4pm I was a bit agitated. My route home is about 20 miles, mostly along scenic seldom traveled rural roads. I have traveled this route almost daily for 4-5 years so am very familiar with it.

As I approached a stop sign (a “T” in the road, see attached diagram) I slowed enough to be able to determine if a car was coming but not slow enough to have to put down a foot. As fate would have it, this is the one time a car was coming by so I had to come to a complete stop putting my foot down but leaving me slightly off balance. Once the car had passed I proceeded forward with my right hand turn, although still slightly off balance. One of things I’ve learned over the past 3 years is that a slight twist of the throttle will sometime stabilize things so that better balance control can be obtained, well needless to say, my slight twist was a bit too much (or maybe my work agitation was still present and my slight twist became a major twist). In any case, the back tire broke loose swinging the rear way out and then when it finally did find traction the forces then threw the motorcycle hard to the outside of the turn ejecting me off the high side and slamming me down onto the asphalt. As I said, these are very low traffic roads so I was not in danger of being run over (am very thankful for that!). As I lie there trying to breathe several guys from a nearby tree trimming business came over to check on me. (They also called the ambulance which I’m very grateful for). What I thought was the wind being knocked out of me ended up being 5 broken ribs and a clavicle broken in 3 places. Needless to say, the ride to the hospital was excruciatingly painful. The ribs will heal on their own per the doctors but the clavicle (collar bone) will take surgery (scheduled for Tuesday 9/20/11) in order to stabilize it. All in all, the body will probably take 3-6 month for a complete recovery.

I think the bike did better than I. The left front mirror assembly is broken off and scratches to the left rear speaker housing, left saddle bag cover, and both left side front and rear engine guards. I think it will heal much faster than I.

Lesson learned, don’t let work (or life agitations) affect riding judgment. (And everyone, please try not to comment excessively on this one!) protective gear would have been better than the polo shirt and FF helmet I was wearing. Believe me, I’m hearing this one daily from my wife (who was scared s**tl**s when the EMT called her as I was being transported in the ambulance to the ER).


3 thoughts on “A Two-Wheelin’ Kind of Day

  1. I had just told Stephen we needed to get u guys to go on a ride with us…..guess that will have to be next Spring :O) In our prayers

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