Ha-Ha- Halloween!

I’m listening to the little goblins and ghouls running through the neighborhood filled with the excitement of being out after dark. There is also the adventure of getting “treats”! I wonder if they have any idea what a treat it is for me and my hubby to hear their giggles and see their smiling faces? It sure is worth the bags of candy. 

To add to my entertainment, I’ve been reading the jokes on the Laffy Taffy candy. (and tasting a few) Check some of them out and enjoy a laff on me 🙂

Why did the chicken go to the library?
To check out a BAWK! BAWK! BAWK!

How did the monkey cross the road? 
It jumped on the chicken’s back!

What’s black and white and blue all over?
A frozen penguin!

and finally, for your last Halloween chuckle (and my personal favorite :)) …

How far did the witch fly?
Ghost to Ghost!


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