I Dare You!

Hi Y’all! I’m Stephanie from Our Marriage Adventure and following a request from RevPat (Hey Momma!) to provide a guest post for BarefootPreachr I was really unsure on what to post. But like many great inspirations, it came to me in a flash of insight while working on a journal entry I’ve been doing as part of “The Love Dare.”

You may or may not know about the Love Dare (shameless plug, you can follow along on my blog as my husband and I work through the 365 Day Love Dare) but basically it’s a daily / weekly devotion that works on strengthening your personal walk with God, your marriage with God, and thus your personal marriage with your spouse.

So – enough rambling and back that flash of inspiration (Yes I ramble. I’m sorry.). The other day we were tasked with a question to reflect on.

“How can you be a blessing for your Spouse?”

WOW! What a thought, because to be a blessing is to be more than simply a helper or even a great spouse. No, you need to step it up and be a BLESSING for them. Dictionary {dot} com defines a blessing as “A favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness” and we’re supposed to be that for our spouses?? So how can you do that?

Well as I reflected on the question I realized that the simplest and best way to be a blessing to my spouse is to be a spiritual step in his walk with God. In other words, I can be a blessing for my spouse by ensuring that I don’t interrupt his walk in faith through my own doubts, questions, and lessons that I will garner from my person walk. Rather I will be an up-lifting helper and supporter as my husband makes his walk.

What about you? How can YOU be a blessing for your significant other?

I’d like to thank RevPat aka. BarefootPreachr (Hey again Momma) for allowing me this opportunity to share part of Our Marriage Adventure with y’all. I sure hope y’all will take a moment to swing by the blog and hopefully follow along as we continue our journey.

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