The Great Worship War

Have you ever sat though a worship service and thought to yourself, “Did anyone plan this service?”

It can be the single most frustrating thing on earth to think that someone in leadership at your church is phoning in their planning.

Any service or style of worship is susceptible to the problem.

Traditional worship can become static and closed.

Contemporary worship can become shallow and repetitive.  

Blended worship sometimes feels like the chef that decided people love his soup and his ice cream so he should just put them together and everyone will really like that combination.

Or Emergent Worship which is for many people too informal.

Granted this does not apply in all places but this is a clear pit fall for every worship service every where regardless of style.

The tension exists in between people who like one type of service and think that there preference is in competition with another type. For many people the style of service they prefer is a bigger factor than the denomination or theology of a particular pastor. 

You think about the music at these services they are usually the same sort of songs that are played regardless of it being a Baptist or Methodist or Pentecostal church.  The traditional service people will like; In the Garden, Amazing Grace, Be thou my Vision, Etc… The Contemporary crowd will like the CCM top 40 hits.  The Blended crowd will do the hits from 5 years ago. The Emergent people will play Coldplay and U2.

The style dictates the music and feel of worship which effects the typical person far more than the particular theological bent any denomination will have.  

So you will have services going to war with each other over a vision for the Church in a church that has multiple worship styles.  Because they are fundamentally different in world view and understanding of what the vision and mission for the church will be. 

A traditional group would want to spend several hundreds of thousands into the millions of dollars to get a pipe organ.  You will have a riot in contemporary worship services over that thinking.  And when the contemporary people what to buy stage lights and a new sound system and projectors the traditional people have a heart attack thinking they are trying to turn the church into a amusement park. 

In the end it is of great value to always be open as a church member or pastor to changing what you are doing to make it better.  If you have not changed or reevaluated in 5 years you are over due.  There is great benefit to consistency but not at the cost of creativity for we worship a God who is deeply creative God is after all the creator. 

If you are in worship and are constantly unable be feed by the Spirit of God the issue is not with God or the service most likely the issue lies in your own heart.  God speaks in every expression of worship tune your heart to not the music or the sermon or words that or said or sacraments performed but to seeing God present by the Spirit in that divine mystery expressed in Christian worship.


Guest Blogger: Rev. Kory Trinrud
You can read more from Kory and follow his blog at: Ascend the Depths of the Transcendent


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