Walk on the Water

In this story, Peter is often discredited because he starts to sink. However, Peter should be credited for being the only one thinking. Peter and the other disciples were in the boat when they see Jesus, standing out in the middle of the lake. While everyone else is cowering, Peter thinks, “I’m here. Jesus is over there. Jesus is walking on water. I want to be more like my rabbi. I’m going to go walk to walk on water and go to Jesus.” Peter then asks Jesus for permission, which Jesus gives. Peter steps out of the boat, out of his safety zone, and starts walking on water through faith.

Then, Peter sees the storms of the outside world. He stops focusing on Jesus, and when Peter does that, he began to sink. However, when he cries out a simple prayer, “Help,” Jesus rescues him. In the midst of the storm, Peter cries out, and Jesus rescues and calmed the storm. When Jesus rescued Peter, Peter worshipped Him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Peter wanted to do something that was impossible, so he asked Jesus to call him. Jesus didn’t say, “Sorry, water-walking is for Messiahs only.” Instead, He said one simple word: Come. In fact, Jesus calls all of us to come. Come and follow me. Come and do the impossible through faith. Peter took the leap of faith and started walking on water, yet when he took his eyes off of the Prize, Jesus, he got distracted and lost faith. It’s the same way with us today, if we focus only on Christ, then we can do incredible things by faith, but if we take our eyes off of the Prize, we will get distracted from the goal.

When he got distracted and began to lose faith, Peter uttered the shortest prayer ever – “Lord, save me!” It’s a prayer we always need to be saying. We ALL need Jesus to save us. Without Him, our circumstances will
overwhelm her. Without Him, we are sinking in the seas of life. Without Him, we’re nothing.

When Jesus and Peter were back on the boat, Peter worshipped Him. We should always be doing exactly what Peter did. Whenever we do something that’s impossible without God, we need to be sure to give Him the glory for it. Whenever we fall and He picks us back up again, we must give Him the Glory.

Peter, literally, went through a storm that tested his faith. In life, we will all have circumstances that test our faith. If our faith starts to waver, all we have to do is cry out to Jesus and He will raise us above the seemingly impossible surroundings. Peter cried out to Jesus two times. He cried out for help, and he cried out in worship. There are two prayers that are simple to memorize that we should use constantly. The first prayer is: “Help me. Help me. Help me.” Jesus will help us through our storms if we only call out to Him. The second prayer is: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” After Jesus rescues us from whatever we need rescuing from, we must remember to thank him.

This is not the story of John, because John stayed in the boat. This is not the story of Bartholomew, because Bartholomew stayed in the boat. This is not the story of Andrew or James, because both of them stayed in to boat. This is the story of Peter, because Peter had the courage and gut to take a huge risk. He was willing to do what no other disciple was willing to do. All the other eleven disciples were on the boat watching Peter and Jesus on the water, because they were too scared to get out of the boat. Before you sink, you have to actually be out of the water. If you’re in the boat, you won’t sink, but you’ll never walk on water either. The boat was the comfort zone for all the disciples. Many of them had spent most of their lives on the boat. Stepping out of their comfort zones for God was not an idea they wanted to test. Jesus wanted all of His disciples to step out of the boat, step out of the comfort zone. Yet, only one did. Peter.

God wants us to be like Peter. He wants us to take risks for Him, even if it means stepping out of our boat and into waters of danger and uncertainty. This requires a lot of faith and courage, but if we focus only the Prize, Jesus, it is possible.

Guest Blogger: Christ-Follower 
You can read more and follow her on her blog at: Christ at the Center

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2 thoughts on “Walk on the Water

  1. I blogged almost this same thing once. Peter got out of the boat! I’m not sure I would have done that! What amazing faith he had to get out of the boat and actually attempt to walk on water. And then, when he started to sink, he knew what to do…cry out to Jesus.

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