Drop the Net

Simon-Peter had something called zeal. Zeal is tireless devotion to something or someone. In a spiritual sense, zeal is wholehearted commitment to God. A person with zeal commits to follow God first and then discovers where He will lead you.

It was around ten in the morning and Simon was just coming in from being out at sea fishing. Jesus comes up to him and says, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Because Jesus is a rabbi, Simon obeys. Jesus isn’t now just taking up Simon-Peter’s time but is also telling him how to do his job. Simon ends up catching so many fish that they fill up multiple boats and the boats start to sink because there are so many fish. Peter acknowledges Jesus’s power and says, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” Instead of responding with a yes or a no, Jesus tells Peter to “come and be fishers of men.”

Peter now has a choice. He can either hold onto the net that is in his hands, or he can drop it and follow Jesus. If he holds on to the net, he’s holding on to what he knows, he’s holding on to his job and what is safe. If he drops the net, he will let go of everything he knows. There is no third option to hold both the net of safety and follow Jesus.

Zeal drops the net. Peter had a choice. Peter dropped the net and chose zeal. The net represented the safety and security of everything Peter had. He dropped everything he had, let go of safety, and followed Christ with zeal.

Christ wants us to respond to Him in the same way Peter did. He wants us to respond with zeal. He wants us to drop our safety nets, drop everything we know, to follow Him wholeheartedly. Christ doesn’t just want us to accept Him but also follow Him with everything that we are and that we have.

Zeal requires something from us daily. We don’t automatically acquire zeal, because zeal is a choice. Saying yes to zeal is saying yes to a wholehearted, tireless, devotion and commitment to God. Zeal is something you can have in one season of life and lose it in the next season. We can be committed to God but without zeal, we are not wholeheartedly committed. We were meant for a life of zeal. The question is, “will we live within the security of our own little world or will we live for God with zeal?”

Guest Blogger: Christ-Follower 
You can read more and follow her on her blog at: Christ at the Center




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