Don’t point anything at anybody’s face – lesson from a church

OKLAHOMA CITY — A metro woman says she was injured at a church fall festival by something you can buy in the toy aisle. Cindy Shaw says it happened when she took her granddaughter to the fall festival at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in south Oklahoma City.

She says a teenager manning one of the game booths shot her in the eyes with silly string.

It was supposed to be part of the game, but she says a church pastor told her they were only supposed to shoot at or below the waist.

“And it was like point-blank, like this far from my face, wham! My eyes are wide open and I didn’t see it coming at all. It happened so fast,” Shaw said. “He shot me with the silly string in the face and then closed the door real fast. It stung, it burned real bad and it’s still like that. The last two nights I’ve been up in the middle of the night.

The silly string lodged in Shaw’s eyes and she had to literally rub it out.

Two days later, she went to the emergency room at OU Medical Center where she was diagnosed with a corneal abrasion.

The doctor prescribed her Lortab for the pain and said she may need to see a specialist.

“He says, ‘You’ve got scratches,’ and then he put the blue dye in it after he numbed it and then he said there’s more scratches,” said Shaw.

Optometrist Dr. Bryan Womack didn’t treat Shaw, but says the chemicals in the silly string could have caused a burn in addition to the scratches.

“You want to worry about the impact, but you also want to worry about the solvent that’s used to keep it liquefied inside the canister. So not only are you having abrasion but you’re having a possible chemical burn,” Dr. Womack said.

“That’s what everybody says, silly string? You know, I never knew silly string could

Silly string in action

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do that,” Shaw said.

She says she’s glad this happened to her instead of her granddaughter or another child and she says this injury serves as a reminder of a lesson we’ve all been taught.

“Don’t point anything at anybody’s face. This is the results. Don’t point anything at anybody’s face,” Shaw said.

Shaw says the church has agreed to pay her emergency room and prescription bills.

She says she’s also had to take time off from work because of the injury.

She’d like the church to do even more.

We tried several times to speak with the head pastor, but he did not return our calls.


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