An Advent Lesson ~ Little

I’ve read this story and heard it told in several different versions. There is even a television commercial made using a version of the story!

I’ve learned that the larger truth of God and His creation (us!) can be found in some of the simplest tales repeated through the ages. We are all a part of God’s story,the question is – are you the child in the story, delighted to be in the presence of the maestro? Or the embarrassed parents, wanting to step back and be simply on the fringe of the music? Or maybe you are a part of the crowd and simply annoyed by the music being created?

Praying you find your gifts and graces in the presence of the maestro.

A Little Girl and A Grand Piano

A little girl wanted to become a great pianist, but all she could play on the piano was the simple little tune, “Chopsticks.” No matter how hard she tried, that was the best she could do. Her parents decided after some time to arrange for a great maestro to teach her to play properly. Of course, the little girl was delighted.

When the little girl and her parents arrived at the maestro’s mansion for the first lesson, they were escorted by the butler into the parlour, where they saw a beautiful concert grand piano. Immediately, the little girl dashed over to the piano and began playing “Chopsticks.” Her embarrassed parents started across the room to tell her to stop, but as she played, the maestro entered the room and encouraged the little girl to continue.

The maestro then took a seat on the piano bench next to the little girl, listening to her play. After a moment he began to play along with her, adding chords, runs, and arpeggios. The little girl continued to play “Chopsticks.” The parents couldn’t believe their ears. They were hearing a beautiful piano duet, played by their daughter and the maestro, and amazingly enough, the central theme of it was still “Chopsticks.”

At times you may feel like you’re a nobody, that you will never accomplish great things. But think of that little girl. All she could play was “Chopsticks.” Nobody wanted to hear “Chopsticks.” It was an embarrassment to her parents and annoying to everyone else. Yet the maestro encouraged her to keep on playing.

God knows what you can do. He created you with gifts and talents. Sure, compared to some people’s abilities, your gifts and talents may seem like “Chopsticks”– not very original and not very spectacular. But God says, “Keep on playing–and make some room on the piano bench for Me.” God is able to take the little that we are able to do and turn it into something beautiful for Him.


2 thoughts on “An Advent Lesson ~ Little

  1. I think the thing that struck me most (cuz I’ve seen the commercials over and over again 🙂 ), was “keep playing, but leave a little room on the bench for Me”. Something I will definitely keep in mind, and goes along with my prayer this morning (in some respects).

    Thanks for the lesson. Very timely for me.

    • I’m glad God touched you through the post. 🙂
      You make a good point, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all left a little room for Him in our lives every day and in all the things we do? There have been too many times in my life when I became very frustrated as I told God, “I’ll do it myself!”, only to realize how much sweeter the music is when he guides me!
      Blessings my brother,

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