It’s another Monday …

Today has been a bit of a challenge for me as I mourn for my son, remember my brother, and feel the pain of betrayal from people who call themselves members of God’s church. So, what does that mean for me and the blog? It means: no inspirational story, thoughts or quotes for today. Inside my head it is too dark tonight.

Instead I leave you with this ~
Grief is deeper than any human thought and the betrayal of unconditional love excels even the pain of grief. But this too shall pass and new life will be created, because God has forgiven me of so much and has given me the power to forgive those who have inflicted the pain and hurt.

Now, I need to simply be still and pray.


6 thoughts on “It’s another Monday …

  1. Rev. Pat, I feel for you, to some degree understand the pain, grief and betrayal you speak of, and am encouraged by both your heartcry and your hope. My prayers are with you, as you sit in solace with our Father.

    • Thank you Kenneth.
      I have been so very blessed by the support of the blogging community as I wade into discovering who I am again. There has been so many positive prayers and energy whenever I give my best, or fall down and only can offer my lowliest.
      I share this with you especially because you have shared words that have touched my soul and ministered to me in ways that we may only be able to explain when we are on the other side.
      In Christ,
      Rev. Pat

  2. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland
    Holidays are special times for families. It is only natural to remember the ones we can no longer hug. Our earthly family is no longer whole. It is something Mama can’t fix so it is frustrating as well as sorrowful.
    My family has chosen to give to others on all the gift giving occasions when we can no longer give to our son or daughter. We pray and God always lets us know clearly who the person is that needs our gift (usually money). We receive so much joy seeing the look on that person’s face when they accept that totally unexpected gift. We explain that it is really not from us but from God who allows it to flow through us. (All theat we have is His.) It also lets us hug someone in lieu of our deceased children.
    Pat and Kim, you are in my prayers.

  3. I had a teacher in high school who got weapy during the first week of October because he was grieving the loss of loved ones. I didn’t understand his response. Years later I get it. Those pangs of sadness now overwhlem me from time to time. I wish I had taken the time to give Mr. Francis a hug on his weapy days. Here is me reaching out to give you a hug today. May you feel God’s presence as you greive.

    • Thank you for your generous words Kate.

      I try to “function” in my public life, but there are days when my humanity overwhelms me and my private life spills over. Those are difficult moments, when my wounds are exposed and the shame of my brokenness is on display. My only consolation is that someone is touched by the display of my emotions and healed a little from their pain.

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