The Best Blogging Tips

Thought you (my readers and bloggy buddies) might be interested in this blog posted today. Share your tips and lets see what we think are the TOP 3!

The Best Blogging Tips. By Paul Steinbeck

As we continue our State of the Blogging Universe Series, today we shift from issues having to do with the set-up of a blog to blogging itself.  In the next 3 posts I’m going to write about my absolute top 3 blogging tips.

Before I reveal what those tips are, I wanted to hear from other bloggers, so I asked people to send me their best blogging tips via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to those of you who responded with your tips!

Here are those blogging tips:

  • Write about what you know, what you’ve experienced, or what you feel…not what’s popular. –Kevin Weatherby
  • Be sincerely interested in people. Don’t ACT sincerely interested. BE sincerely interested. @JoePote01
  • Always follow your heart and be honest with yourself, as well as with everyone else.@lanakaydove
  • When blogging, try to finish with an action step for the reader to encourage participation.@nery_leal
  • Be authentic, honor God, tell a story that leads to life transformation, have fun!@tammywerthem
  • Add social share buttons that show counts (i.e. 45,323 twitter followers). It adds “social proof” to visitors. @cgcofnyc
  • Be consistent and be focused. Don’t try to do too many good things, focus and be great!@brftpreachr

How about you? What are your best blogging tips?

So, my fellow bloggers ~ share YOUR blogging tips with us!


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